During 2017, WAAPO provided SAFE HOUSE services for 189 SGBV Survivors; 29 out of this number were children accompanied with their survivors. And they obtained “Safety, Accommodation, meals, PSY, And CM services.”; The FTR and IDTR in total 71 (26 Boys, 45 Girls) were identified and registered (24unaccompanied, 21separated, and remaining 26 were missing) The services were given “47 reunified, 45 accommodated, 25 still are following, and 50 were closed.”

In 2017 WAAPO reached people in need. 189 received hygiene kits, 49 material support (Child birth supplies, and women clothes); 62 child entertainment supplies (Toys, Coloring Art Books); 102 (64 female 38Male) substance support and communication cost. And 72 transportation cost for referral support.

About skill training Activities. In total 115 persons (42Bricks fencing, 39Water tank making, 34 Welding) Youth boys were successfully completed. The short term business skill (67 computer literacy; 59 tailoring skill training, and 110 English language classes); young female was completed.

In total 4800 individual (3264female 1530man) community members from 16 communities attended CC Session, and openly discussed FGM topics. 128 were also sensitized FGM/C topic to denounce publicly on all forms of FGM/C. For the youth campaign on FGM/C; 3480 Youth in school (1920 boys, 1920 Girls) actively participate Monthly youth forum discussions to challenge FGM topics and discuss publicly with out fear of backlash.

In total 224 young female students organized outreach activities; 120 were trained as community paralegals, 142 community committee trained as a community counsellor; 270 provided space for youth to discuss; And 600 monthly CBC to raise issue around CP/GBV and increase referral/reporting.

For the emergence support; in 2017 alone. 2013 HHs (12078 individuals) received food ration, 150 water storage; 150 LDPE sheet; and 1998 dignity kits, 3000 Water purification tablets, 75 HHs (450 Individual) restore community income through C4W; 60 individual received Unconditional cash transfer. And other emergence supplies (10 wheel brows; 50 shovel; 30 mattocks and 34Sara) In addition to this – The clean water distribution 286 water tracks (11440 Drams) were supported up to 13 villages in Togdheer region. WAAPO emergence team were formed 8 social audit committees; 8 Safe spaces; And 12 dispute settlement centers. Lastly Approximately 1672 (1204 female, 468 Male) provided GBV/CP prevention in emergence, 180 (62male, 118 female) attended DRR trainings.

In total 93 SHGs (20 members per SHG) and 7 CLAs (20 members per CLA) are now existing and functioning. 23 SHGs and 4 CLA were formed only in 2017. As a result of the SHG initiative – The members were set up 625 small business. And they supported 300 children (145Boys, 155Girls. (200 received school fees, feeding and school supplies; And 100 for medical support. The front line staff (PO and CF) were reached 460 members (23 SHGs) on awareness raising trainings; 80 participants on wise investment trainings. And 460 individual received mother ad child health massages.

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