Asanti*, 9 Years old, lives in the WAAPO Shelter – Shelter for SGBV survivors In Somaliland.

She is an Ethiopian nationality. But she born and grew up in Somaliland. Originally she is from poor background family. Asanti’ and her parents spent most of their life in a small villages located “ Ruenata”

Asanti” both parents have a history of substance abuse and domestic violence, whilst in their care she suffered physical injuries on at least one occasion. Her father was careless, aggressive and abusive man. He always beats her mother and if she tries to let her go he beats her too.

Asanti, and her little sister never attends any school, because her parents were unable to pay school fees. Asanti, ” Her concern is not going to school, “I feel bad especially when I see other girls going to the school.” said Asanta.

When she came to WAAPO center, she was given a counseling service, accommodation, three times a meal, hygiene supplies, medical assistance and safe transportation to other services; Asanta, with her sister received child supplies such as winter clothes and recreation activities in the center.

She was also registered UNCHR asylum seeker together with her family and now they have been recognized as a refugee and they have already attended RSD interview last week.

Initially, Asanta, was anxious, and very stressed.  But now she is happy, more relax, and less anxious. She satisfied with all the support she received from WAAPO. “Now, I am no longer fear him. Before I was very scared, shaking all over; but now I know he cannot hurt me.’’ said asanta

 Asanta, Are now optimistic about her future and future of her little sister, she always shares what she wants and where she wants to go. She needs to change the attitude of her father; she also has a desire to help her mother forever. “I will never hate my father but I can talk to him, and tell him he should not hit my mother because I love mother more than any one. And when I grow up I will give her more support.” said Asanta,

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