Funded by:  Big Lottery Fund

Supported by: Action Aid Somaliland

Duration of the Project: Two Months ‘ Feb-March,2017 ‘


The specific activities we have done such as;

  1. Soil bunds support for four villages to prevent soil loss from erosion, approximately 3155 METRE square;
  2. 54 rubber sheets for rain water harvesting has been distributed to 54 Households in the project targeted areas,
  3. DRR disaster risk reduction and drought coping mechanism training for Five villages
  4. Distribution of 313 HHs for food ration in eight villages in Togdheer region such as ‘25kg sugar, flour, rice and 7liler oil’
  5. Distribution of 10 wheel brows, 50 shovel, 30 mattock and 34 Sara for Five targeted villages including’ Ina Afamadoobe, Qoyta, H. salah, Bali hile and adawyurure’
  6. Distribution up to 4690 drums of water in the project targeted areas such as (1000 Haji salah, 700 Cadw yurure, Balihile, 510 Qoyta, 450 Ina afmadobe, 480 Beer, 550 Qoryaale )
  7. Restore Five communities’ income through cash for work
  8. employed Five internship student as WAAPO staff to follow up the activity and provide logistic for smooth implementation

Support activities:

  • Beneficiary and site selection taken active role both the regional official and community members
  • QR card distribution before the items distribution
  • Coordination with regional drought committees, and other stakeholders including government, national and international organization to avoid overlap and conflicting strategies

mobilized and delegated active role in this project to the local communities particularly women and youth, such mobilization, organization; take apart items distribution

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