Supported by: Action Aid Somaliland

Implemented by: WAAPO Organization

Duration is Two months: March-April, 2017



  • To provide live saving material to improve long life conditions, and health-wellbeing for the communities effected by the droughts.
  • To reduce deaths from dehydration in infants, pregnant women and elderly people.
  • Allow free access food and water to the families effected by the drought in the project targeted areas.



  • Water trucking activities for 212 Water truck (   8480 Drams )  up to 13 villages in Togdheer region
  • Food distribution for 533 Household for the seven villages per villages 76 HHs ;
  • Distribute 133 dignity kits for seven villages in Togdheer regions
  • Empowering women coalition core committee to lead the process of the distribution and beneficiary selection
  • Regularly consultation with the drought committee about the site selection, monitoring and implementation;
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