Funded by: KNH

Supported by: NAFIS Network.

Project approach :

is a successful instrument for combating poverty in sustainable way, it empowers the very poor, the majority being women, socially, economically and politically empowering them to live a life of dignity with their children.

Project Impact’ The long term impact of SHG approach can be realization of human potential and unleash Allah given .


  • Forming monthly based (2 or 3 New SHG) and scale up SHG membership
  • Support for their existence,
  • Continue constant transforming stage from SHG to CLA
  • Daily economic activity promotion and improve their income by saving membership contribution fee
  • Regularly saving and take loan to start their own small business and strengthen loan payment transection.
  • Training saving group members such as saving methodology and small business skills’
  • Facilitate their meeting both individual and group goal, to change aspect of their live and to solve family and their neighbourhood,
  • Basic social issue support training.
  • Regularly take a part and participated their own meeting such as community concern and awareness raising.
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