Funded by: UNICEF

Implemented by: WAAPO

Duration: Two Year


  • Expanded service of the shelter home/counselling center for SGBV survivors run by WAAPO:
  • Children accompanying with survivors obtained short term pre-school education, art therapy sessions and drama play activities:
  • Reduced incident of women vulnerability to SGBV, and increased their economic status
  • Enhanced the capacity of WAAPO to respond GBV in the other urban community and strengthen referral pathway, while protecting their safety and rights:
  • Strengthened partnership with the ministers, Judiciary and Police
  • Increased knowledge and understand of GBV prevention and respond of the community and promoted positive behavior change that can prevent GBV:  


  • Provide SGBV victims and their children temporary safe house accommodation with food and non food items.
  • Monthly reintegration activities and reestablish family link with the resident in the center.
  • Establish two additional shelters in Borama and Burco .
  • Preschool education for children and weekly art thereby
  • Adult education for women in the center.
  • Tailoring training class for women.
  • Fuel, communication and transportation cost during the referral of medical, legal and security.
  • Training of 120 community committee as community counselors and mediators for GBV victims.
  • Existing women coalition awareness raising events.
  • Train and support community paralegals in the community.
  • Support national events for MOLSA to celebrate women and children day.
  • Organize outreach program for 120 female university student to raise awareness on women right.
  • Discussion forum b/w young man and women around GBV and substance abuse in the project target locations.
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