Project Name Funding Agency Duration
Protection to provide assistance, prevention and responses for the most vulnerable British nationals In Somaliland BRITISH EMBASSY Ongoing
Protection assistance prevention and responses for the most vulnerable Swedish nationals In Somaliland project SWEDISH EMBASSY Ongoing
Provision of protection-oriented support through emergence assistances to vulnerable women & girls and SGBV survivors ( Case ) UNHCR Ongoing
Response protection problems in emergencies context, CARITAS SWISS Ended
Strength shelter service and promote referral mechanism in Somaliland Project UNICEF Ongoing
Empowering community to abandon FGM/C project AAS/Comic relief Ended
Somaliland terminating oppression of women and girls Programme (STOP Project) HPA/ E.C Ended
Refugee project CCBRS/UNHCR Ended
Self Help Group Project NAFIS/KNH Ended
Case Management Service project in Somaliland. DRC Ended
DEC (Disaster Emergence Committee) Project in T region ELNINO AAS/DEC Ended
Funding in Somaliland Project. AAS/BLF Ended
Clean Water tracking Activities DRC Ended
Children on the Move Project UNICEF Expecting
Migrant and returnee young women and girls in Hargeisa Project SIHA Expecting

Self Help Group project

Funded by: KNH Supported by: NAFIS Network. Project approach : is a successful instrument for combating poverty in sustainable way, it empowers the very poor, the majority being women, socially, [...]

Empowering Community to Abandon FGM/C

Funded by: Comic relief Supported by: Action aid Duration: 4 years project Outcomes: Target communities commit to abandon all forms of FGM/C Women and youth are empowered to reject FGM/C [...]

Disaster Emergence Committee (DEC)

Supported by: Action Aid Somaliland Implemented by: WAAPO Organization Duration is Five months:; May-April , 2018   Objective: To provide live saving material to improve long life [...]

ELNINO Funding in Somaliland

Funded by:  Big Lottery Fund Supported by: Action Aid Somaliland Duration of the Project: Two Months ‘ Feb-March,2017 ‘   The specific activities we have done such as; Soil bunds support for [...]

Project STOP Project

Funded by: EC Supported by: HPA. Duration are three years (2016-2018) Activities: Community conversation session in monthly based Support police stations with stationaries and support Stablish [...]

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